Interviews — 5 Min Read

Utilize IGTV for your Business

Interviews — 5 Min Read

Utilize IGTV for your Business

If you haven’t already heard, Instagram recently launched a new application called IGTV!

What is IGTV? Why can it help the hospitality industry?

The app was built for videos that are longer than 60 seconds. On the one hand, that seems a little risky in a world of quickly digestible content. On the other hand, YouTube already exists, and it seems like IGTV is trying to have an impact for the hospitality industry as well.

Mobile content consumers

As you all know, now a days, most people are online during most of their day. Either on social media or information websites, constantly having contact with other people all around the world and through all this activities, thousands of advertisements and promotion clips stay at the far end of their unconscious thoughts. The hospitality industry wasn’t always as developed as it is now a days but through all this technological advances, most industries including the hospitality industry, have taken this opportunity and turned it into a strength regarding the development of the service sector.

Did you know?

You, hotel owner, hotel manager. Did you know that about 80% of the population are mobile content consumers? What are you waiting for? Get your story out there and make sure your brand is clear! New renovations? A TV show or movie being filmed in your lobby? Rooftop pool party? Certain section of the hotel that guests commonly miss? There’s a festival around the corner?

Show your guests the experience of choosing you compared to your competitors. This is a great way to involve the guest in your hotels experience before they even book their room. You never know what might entice them. IGTV can be used to cater audiences to your events. Post your long videos or you can record what’s happening right at this moment. Post videos from previous events to give your guests a sense of nostalgia or interact with potential customers. This can deliver a new kind of exposure for your audience.

Due to InstaGramTV and all the other major technologic advances that have occurred lately, everyone now has the opportunity to advertise, promote and persuade audience with very few tools. There is a technologic burst and businesses should make the most out of it. This is a huge opportunity for your business and brands to expose your unique selling points.

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