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How to reduce labor costs in Hotels using Robots and AI

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How to reduce labor costs in Hotels using Robots and AI!

Technology is constantly evolving in all different sectors, hospitality is also one of them. Many if not most of the hotels started by automating most of their procedures in the hotel, f.i. the check in procedure, the porter service, the room service. Is this the end? Or just the start? What kind of communication should a human have with a robot?

Recent robotic developments have proven how a robot can be able to feel or even understand emotion. Many companies have already tried to use a robot instead of an employee to take over the cooking procedure in the restaurants, with robots and machines adding ingredients into dishes and giving them to consumers. The room service is mostly automated now a days, many big chains such as Alof hotels have a walking/talking machine dropping a glass of wine outside your door while saying thank you. The Sheraton hotel in Los Angles updated their porter service into an automated device that carries luggage and directs hotel guests to their room.

Robots and the Hospitality Industry

Robots are indeed part of the evolution of the hospitality industry. They try to improve hospitality by having the employee focusing on you and giving the ‘’hard work’’ to the robot. And they accomplish that on a very low cost basis. Is this a concept for you?

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